Frequently Asked Questions

Updated Thursday August 29, 2019 by SIBFL.

How often is practice?

The head coach of each individual team determines practice. August practices are usually Monday to Friday for approximately 2 hours. Once the season begins which coincides with the beginning of school, practices are limited to twice a week. All practices are held at our complex.

What equipment will be needed?

The league provides all the necessary equipment with the exception of cleats, mouth piece and jockstrap protection.

When are the games played?

All games are played at our complex. Games will take place on Friday nights, and Saturday and Sunday mornings and afternoons.

How is a childs age determined?

A child's age is determined by what we call calendar year. Whatever age the child will be in the year that season starts is what age the child will be considered. For example: for the 2007 season whatever age the child will be on his birthday in 2007 will be his league age.

What are the age and weight limits for each division?

Gator Division - 5 & 6 and 7 Years Old. This is strictly instructional, children wear full equipment. Practices begin in the middle of august and are limited to twice a week, once the season begins they practice once a week and then they scrimmage on weekends.

Flyweight Divison - This division consists of 8, and 9 year old children.  Equipment weighs approximately 6 pounds.  There are two 10-minute instructional sequences during games for the younger and inexperienced players.

Junior Division - This division consists of 10 and 11 year olds (calendar year), Equipment weighs approximately 8 pounds. Skilled position players (those who touch the ball in offense)  There are two 10- minute instructional sequences during games for the younger and  inexperienced players.

Senior Division - This division consists of 12, 13, and  14-year old boys (fall season only). We extend a courtesy to those 14 year olds who have been with us for many years.. Equipment weighs approximately 8 pounds.

Spring Bantan Division- This division consist of 14 year olds and is held in during our spring. This is the final tuneup for players looking to  get ready for there in initial season of high scholl football. There is no weight limit fore this division.

How does the league monitor weights?

There will be a weekly weigh in prior to games.

What are the bowl games?

Bowl games are the long-standing tradition we have of playing other outside organizations. Players are chosen to represent SIBFL from the coaches of each division. We usually have 1 team representing each age group.

How can I help?

SIBFL is strictly voluntary. We are always looking for help. Coaches are always welcomed. The success of our league depends on the help we receive from the community. Please stop down at our facility, email or call 718-761-4780 and ask when our next board of directors meeting will be and come on down.

How can I donate?

SIBFL is strictly a non-profit league. Again we need the help of our community to succeed. Outside support helps us keep our registration cost down. We are always looking for sponsors. Please contact us at or call 718-761-4780 to find out about sign and team sponsorships and also Internet Advertising.